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Let's Learn C++ and Make a Dungeon Game - Video Course

Matt Carr
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In this course I will briefly teach all of the basic coding fundamentals whilst moving towards a small dungeon game. This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning C++ and entry game development skills. This course also makes for a good companion course to those learning C++ in Uni or College as it will demonstrate use cases similar and different to those in class time.

You will learn:

C++ fundamentals likened to 2 entry level coding courses at Uni level. The topics covered are:

  • Setup basic C++ project
  • Variables and maths
  • If statements and loops
  • functions
  • Classes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Pointers and Dynamic Memory

Game development skills and techniques including:

  • Rendering and Animation
  • Game loop and Timing
  • Input, movement, selection
  • Grid Map and characters and items positioned on the map
  • Working with RPG stats
  • Making a Pokemon-esque battle system
  • Random loot from treasure chests

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You'll get 16+ hours of lesson videos to download :D

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Let's Learn C++ and Make a Dungeon Game - Video Course

0 ratings
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