[Early Access] Aero Blitzer

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[Early Access] Aero Blitzer

Matt Carr
0 ratings

This game is currently in Early Access. Early days, lots more features down the line. Current price is Early Access only, final price will change to $20.

Aero Blitzer is a platform fighter in a destructible world. Fighters can bash, throw items and crash into the platforms to minimalise land to fight on. Punch your friends into submission but don't fall to your death!

Current Features:

  • 2-4 local player battle (note: 1 keyboard and 1-4 controllers to play)
  • 1 character to punch holes into people
  • destructible platforms
  • items to toss at each other

Features to Come:

  • 3 More characters
  • New modes including last man standing, team battle, king of the hill
  • Monster Battle Royale mode (1-4 player co-op VS monsters)

Jump on and fight with this Early Access offer price and watch the project grow!

As the project is in Early Access, final product likely to change and grow. If you wish to provide feedback or suggestions, please reach out to me :D

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get the Windows version of the game

35.2 MB
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