Be Aggressive - Art book (digital download)

Matt Carr
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A series of artworks created by Matthew Carr spanning from 2017 and back 3-4 years. Lots of movement, lots of colour, lots of action!

I'm always growing in my art and I love looking back at old pieces. I've always been inspired by games and anime with big bold actions and colours and if I can put stuff like that out into the world, then that's the goal.

This is a FREE pdf, so you have nothing to lose. Check out my art from a few years back :D

For more current art, check out my Instagram:

  • An Artbook PDF

  • Size
    10.9 MB
  • Length
    44 pages
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  • An Artbook PDF
  • Size10.9 MB
  • Length44 pages
  • Pages40
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Be Aggressive - Art book (digital download)

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